My Drawings


Jets Saga Pt. 1 An intentionally-pixelized "manga-style" comic I drew in Paint about the adventures we folks over at Jet's Pizza have almost every day. Jealous?
Jets Saga Pt. 2 The inevitable sequal, this time staring my Jet's alter-ego, Honasty. This one's actually quite close to reality.
NEW! Smebber Saga Pt. 1 The third installment of my life as manga.
Eddie vs. Andrew A spoof-like image made in Flash. It's an homage to the Dark Tower and Futurama. Gotta love it.
Fighter's Guild - Part 1 Made in MS Paint when I was like a freshman in high school, I got really dorky and made a comic using sprites and images found on the internet. I'm ashamed...
Fighter's Guild - Part 2
Fighter's Guild - Part 3
Michelob Ultra Light Print Ad 1 - The Hobo
Michelob Ultra Light Print Ad 2 - Tim's Soul
Michelob Ultra Light Print Ad 3 - Monster Party