8/27/15 Started work on a new book, "Journey." It's about this magical world filled with impossible stones of unique powers. Okay,I'm ripping off One Piece's devil fruits but this idea had me passionate. They are called galleons or orbs or stones and each one has a different power, can be manipulated differently by different kinds of ornate magical objects, etc. I'm kinda trying for a shonen vibe here. The main character is Ket Elmast and he's a dark-skinned elvish folk person and his compatriots are Bebber Ghed, a black cat person and Wheezy, a bound servant who sees all and reveals nothing. They are about to return home from a fruitless adventure spent trying to obtain a galleon. What happens next? I still have to think it up!
8/14/15 No new content, but... Ever think deeply about life...? I'm a bipolar Gemini... Can't help it sometimes... Quit breaking my heart, says Mandy Moore gently in my ear... One new movie review, check it out!
5/5/2015 Just a "New" movie review. The new Avengers. Might start posting more on here. Don't know.
4/13/2014 Made two new sections: TV Show Reviews and Video Game Reviews. Expect more content in these sections soon.
4/5/2014 Gonna see if I can edit this site on my Nintendo 3DS. If so, expect updates to my Movie List as well as a new section full of TV show episode reviews, starting with some Star Trek which I'm currently getting into for the first time in my life. Feels good to be thinking about working on the site again and I hope whoever stumbles upon this will find my opinions of things useful in selecting what media to enjoy.
Update! Several new movies reviews on the New! page of the Movie List. Also made the directory accessable as before the ads were drowning out the top frame.
6/4/09 Nearly a year's worth of new movies added to the list.
9/11/08 New site banner and navigation buddy! What necessary and riveting updates!
8/19/08 I saw many movies this summer. Here's what I thought of 'em.
5/5/08 Some new movies. Clearing the queue before the big summer movie season.
1/30/08 A new movie update, all pretty recent movies.
11/5/07 A new movie update, finally!
8/22/07 Some new movies, including a 5, a 6 and a 7. "I have a boner!"
8/9/07 Clean slate!

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