Edward Scissorhands I like the flashback scenes and the scenes in the castle the most.
Edmond This is kind of a movie like Falling Down. This guy is just like "Fuck this life... I want some whores." He leaves his wife and spirals down into the gritty night life of New York City or someplace and it's just this man's strange, manic journey.
Eight Crazy Nights Normally I like Adam Sandler movies but his character in this one was just too fucking stupid and the movie is just a weird rip of A Christmas Carol but in Hannukah style or something. Lame.
8 Mile Okay... I might like it more if I liked rap music, etc.
8mm Disturbing but the journey Nick Cage goes on is suspenceful and quasi-enjoyable.
Elizabethtown I had high hopes for this movie. After seeing Vanilla Sky and subsequently, everything he'd done before it, I became a huge fan of Cameron Crowe and this was the next movie he made after discovering him, etc and becoming a fan. I missed it in theaters and I waited a long long time after it came out on DvD before watching it. I had reservations for a few reasons. Not a fan of Kirsten Dunst and after seeing Garden State, this seemed like kind of a rip-off. After seeing it, my reservations were right. I saw A Guide to Recogizing Your Saints around the same time and while that movie was amazing based on its cast, this movie is a fiasco based on its cast. Orlando Bloom, your ruled as Legolas, you suck as a real person. Bloom's performance is awkward and forced. There are a lot of times in this movie where it forces these little nuance moments and when you try to force sometime like nuance it becomes contrived and cringe-inducing. Kirsten Dunst met my expectations of not being as charming as she is annoying. There were a few moments when she won me over but for the most part I wish someone else was cast. Everyone else is exceptable. Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin were great honestly. All in all, it was way too long, the pacing was terrible and I can't help but compare it to Garden State, which was an instant favorite. The stories are very similar but Garden State is a million times better for many reasons, of which are the cast is better, the pacing is better and the music is way better. Cut a fourth of the movie out, recast the two leads and fix corny dialogue and then you'd have a better movie... You'd have Garden State.
Encino Man Dumb as fucking hell.
End of Days Interesting but not really... Just an action flick using the bible as source material.
Enemy at the Gates A war movie I actually liked. Surprising. Though there's this awkward sex scene that makes me wonder what the hell the director was thinking.
Enough J-Lo made a great movie here. Wow. Great story of a mother's love for her child. She kicks some ass, almost ninja-style, too. Good movie.
Enter the Dragon Bruce Lee tears shit up in this martial arts classic. Suffering of a thin plot but the philosophy and action are solid.
Entrapment Catherine Zeta Jones' lovely ass.
Equilibrium They main character is his own deus ex machina but the philosophy and action are pretty good.
Eragon Oh Eragon... Where do I begin? In a word, no two words... Derivative rip-off. A word and two hyphenated words, I think that still counts as two words. Two concepts. Yeah, they just took the plot of the original Star Wars (they being this guy "who was only 15 when he started this book," no fucking way? Really? Yeah, if he'd started it at 16, he would have found out about plagarism in his English 2 class and stopped for fear of getting his dick chopped off) and the setting of Lord of the Rings. You can actually go through, plot point for plot point and it's the exact same movie as Star Wars except it looks like Lord of the Rings. Oh, and it sucks, too. You might say "But Star Wars and LOTR were good movies so... this must be good." Yeah, you'd think that... but, no.
Ernest Goes to Jail Classic. The ending is something that really sent my imagination into overdrive as a kid.
Ernest Saves Christmas Didn't see this one as much as Jail or Scared Stupid but it's Ernest so you know what to expect.
Ernest Scared Stupid Yet another thing that honestly scared the crap out of me, worrying about being transformed into a wooden statuette... Possibly the best Ernest movie. They have a fully operational pizza-shooter.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind A fresh look at relationships. One of Jim Carrey's best hits.
E.T the Extra-Terrestrial How can you not like this movie on some level?
Evil Dead, The Classic horror. Love the stop-motion at the end.
Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn, The Possibly the best example of an awesome sequel. Ups everything that rocked about the first one.
Evilspeak A shitty horror movie but the main character is compelling.
Evolution Perhaps the closest we'll ever get to a Ghostbusters 3... And it's not awesome at all.
Ex, The This movie kinda gets lost and its resolution is in the epilogue. A few more revisions and a pretty decent movie would have been made. The talent is there. Sloppy and rushed. Almost a good movie.
eXistenZ This movie's ending pissed me the fuck off. It shits on a movies worth of character development and from about ten minutes into the movie you can predict that that's where it's going but hope not. The middle is cool and the idea is awesome, like I haven't thought about a video game that advanced about a million times. I dream about it all the time but damn... the ending BLOWS. It's just fucking stupid.
Exit Wounds Black/white dynamic cop movie... Pure shit in other words.
Exorcist, The I finally managed to sit through this. I'd rented it several times, intending to watch it but chickening out, seeing as people tout it as the scariest movie of all time. Not so much. Maybe when it came out but I'd say this is much more of a religious drama with supernatural elements than a horror movie. I doubt the director's intent was to scare people. I think its intent was to put faith into question and critique the way the world currently handles those they deem mentally ill.
Explorers I love the adventure aspect of it all, although the aliens are a bit of a let down but perhaps that's the message of the movie. Fun.