Jack Robin Williams.
Jacket, The A surprisingly solid sci-fi/romance. Nice casting on the two leads.
Jack Frost Michael Keaton.
Jakob the Liar Solid story set in the midst of the Holocaust. The ending brought tears to my eyes.
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back First watching. Every time after that.
Jeepers Creepers Second time around, I enjoyed this movie a lot more. The two leads have such chemistry and charisma. I've read theories that this movie is actually about incest... If I had a sister that hot... I don't know... You know, can you blame the guy? That's pretty fucked up what I just typed but I stand by my assessment that the girl is smokin'. Great flick if you like horror movies.
Jerk, The Perfect Steve Martin comedy.
Jersey Girl Solid movie about responsiblity and choices, not to mention fatherhood. The cast is excellent as well.
Jerry Maguire Cameron Crowe.
Jetsons: The Movie A fun, animated update to the old cartoon. A lot of my liking of this film rests in nostalgia. The songs are pretty good, too.
Jewel of the Nile TERRIBLE sequal to a solid movie.
Jingle All the Way Around the holidays it's very watchable and enjoyable. I was a Power Rangers fan, so...
Joe Somebody Tim Allen.
Josh and S.A.M. Not memorable.
Jumanji Robin Williams leads a solid cast in a fun adventure movie.
Jumper Cool concept. Many don't, but I enjoy Hayden Christensen. He's cool. The story is about a real person. He doesn't set out to save the world, he uses the power for his own personal gain. It's pretty cool. Rachel Bilson is smoking hot. Yes, I'm so shallow I give points to a movie just for having a pretty girl in them. I loved the reference to Marvel Team-Up. Just a fun, interesting movie. I hope they make more of them. Sam Jackson ain't bad either.
Jungle Book, The Disney cartoon.
Jungle 2 Jungle Tim Allen, Martin Short.
Junior Strange...
Juno If I was a girl and could relate on a personal level to this story, it'd probably have gotten a 7. Still, this is an great frickin' movie. I'll sing it's praises: The cast is perfect, all people I've loved in other stuff. Sad to see that Cera and Bateman didn't get a scene together but it's still cool to see them on the big screen together. The writing is great and nuanced. Juno, Ellen Page's character... the main character... the titular character, is a pretty cool chick. Uhm... yeah. It's good. I kinda feel sad that I don't have a much stronger opinion about it, more to say but... I don't. Go see it, it's good.
Jurassic Park Dinosaurs! Real live dinosaurs! Action-packed and thought-provoking to an extent.
Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World Disappointing that the original cast wasn't kept intact.
Jurassic Park 3 Cool to see Grant back... Still... No Malcom this time or Ellie...
Jury Duty I love this movie. Pauly Shore at his best.
Just Friends Really funny and a decent cast. I felt Ryan Reynolds was too much of a character when he was fat though. Being fat, I think I would have identified more with the character had he been portrayed honestly, which still would have been funny, funnier even because he would have been real.