Karate Kid, The 80s teen movie about fighting for what you want in life. Good stuff.
Karate Kid 2, The Sequal looses steam, though it's set in Japan or Mr. Miagi's home country...
Karate Kid 3, The Man... Danial would never disrespect Mr. Miagi in such a way... It sucks balls.
Kazaam Pure shit.
Kids Whoa, what the fuck? This might sound lame but this movie needs a hero. Someone to smack these "kids" in their fucking face and say "You're all dipshits!" Maybe that's part of the point that there is no one around for them to look up to or to teach them important life lessons but damn, I'd like to beat these kids asses. Still, a decent flick. I like Degrassi better though. It's more intense.
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy Rock solid comedy. Hilarious beginning to end.
Kill Bill: Volume 1 Great, action-packed, stylish adventure/revenge movie.
Kill Bill: Volume 2 Great, action-packed, stylish adventure/revenge movie.
Kindergarten Cop Arnold Swarzenegger in one of his first movies to stray from solid action. Decent story, watchable.
King Arthur The movie is just boring and slowly paced and doesn't tell a story. It just follows events in a very detached, boring way. The ice lake battle is cool though.
King Kong (2005) Everything you'll hope it to be. The special effects are awesome and they don't cast a shadow over the cast. The pond scene was the only part that had me scratching my head.
Kingpins Dumb...
Kissing A Fool Selma Hayak.
Knocked Up Man I loved this movie. Judd Apatow's crew is phenominal. Hilarious and also honest. For the most part, I really believe this movie could happen and that's a strength. That's what will make this a classic, how -perhaps- relatable it is. Also, love the fucking cast!
K-PAX Wow, Prot is from K-PAX for real. That's all I'm saying. They try to lead you off the path with this story about Robert Porter and stuff... It's not true. He just had to borrow his body when he came to Earth the other times. Prot is real. Honestly, though, it's a great movie sure to spark debate with your fellow viewers. Lots of great moments, performances and the message made me really examine how I live my life.
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist Hilarious and original.