Pagemaster, The A cartoon that starts out as real life. Kind of neat, watch once if you're a kid or if you like Macauly Culkin.
Panic Room A decent enough movie. The casting isn't stellar but I ended up caring about the characters. Fairly original.
Pan's Labyrinth I'm not ashamed to say this, I love to cry. When a movie makes me, a 23 year-old male, cry, I feel the emotional content is very very strong. Not only that, as cliche as it sounds, it makes me feel alive in a way perhaps only a good belly laugh can match. That's one of the reasons I loved this movie. The emotional content is very very strong. You are on a journey with Ophelia beginning to end and there is a strong bond between the heroine and the audience that few movies successfully achieve. The special effects are authentic. Not synthetic, so to speak. It all feels real. A fairy tale for adults is what it's touted as and I think that's a great description.
Paper Brigade, The A story about getting a job to impress a girl. Feels almost like the Sandlot...
Passion of the Christ, The As a movie, it's terrible. As a religious experience, I'll let you be the judge.
Patriot, The Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger give great performances in a Revolutionary War movie that feels very modern.
Paul Blart Mall cop Kevin James as the King of Queens in a mall Die Hard.
Pauly Shore is Dead If you're one of the dozen Pauly Shore fans like me, you have probably seen this movie already and enjoyed it. If not, I still think you should see it. It's kind of a meta-movie, Pauly plays himself and is totally aware of how the world views him and his career. He looks at all the great comics that died before their time, Sam Kinison especially, and thinks that if he dies, he will finally be respected and mourned. So, he fakes his death and it turns out he was right. Everyone talks about him kindly, etc. But, then he's found out and everyone hates him again and he's put in jail. I'm an ass, I just told you the whole movie, but whatever. There are dozens of cameos from actors, comedians and musicians from his time, the 90s. Lots of MTV celebrities. It's worth a rental or a purchase if you are a fan.
Paycheck Great opening and interesting theory, etc. Gets all suped up on action and just goes from one chase to the next and gets pretty boring. The ending is... cute.
Pay It Forward Naive story, though perhaps that's the point. The cast combination really blows.
Pee Wee's Big Adventure Quirky and enjoyable. Funny stuff.
Perfect Murder, A A remake of Dial M for Murder. Watch the original unless you have a hard on for Gweneth Paltro or Aragorn.
Pete's Dragon I used to watch this movie a lot when I was really little. It needs more dragon, now that I think of it.
Pet Semetary Interesting story but the cast blows besides the kid. The kid rules.
Phenomenon Powder but with John Travolta...
Pianist, The A solid true story of a man's survival through the Holocaust.
Pineapple Express Hah, this movie's funny. A ton more action than I was expecting. Another great comedy from the Apatow crew.
Pink Panther, The (2006) Painful and sad. Steve Martin, I expected more from you! I don't know, the concept isn't all that good. Just a bit too silly for me.
Pinocchio Disney movie.
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl I'm sorry, but not even the great Johnny Depp and Keira Knightly can save this bland, boring story.
Pitch Black An okay movie about being stranded on an unknown planet. Futuristic, yet strangely feels current or modern. Hard to explain...
Planet of the Apes, The (remake) Pretty.
Platoon Intense war movie with a great, great cast.
Pleasentville Strange, but neat opening plot device leads to a pretty solid movie. "You can't stop something inside you."
Pocahontas Started a downhill spiral for Disney movies... Except Hercules.
Pokemon: The First Movie If you like the cartoon or Mewtwo, you will enjoy this movie. If not... It will bore the piss out of you.
Pokemon 2000 Same as the first, but with Lugia.
Pokemon 3: The Movie Same as the other two, but with Entei.
Polar Express, The Surprisingly brilliant. I was expecting just a fluffy Christmas tale suped-the-fuck-up on CGEye-Candy. It definitely delivers the eye candy, but so much more. They capture the magic of being a kid and starting to question Santa's reality. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but I related it to a personal question of whether God is real or not. It's kind of strange how Tom Hanks is every character in the movie, but Tom Hanks is a great performer so it's not a bad thing. I gotta stress again how they managed to grasp the magic of Christmas from a kid's point of view. It truely brought me back to my early childhood and a few scenes started to get me choking up, honestly. A masterpiece for everyone to enjoy, young or old.
Police Academy Solid comedy of the 80s. Great cast and great jokes.
Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment Decent sequal.
Police Academy 3: Back In Training Decent sequal.
Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol Greatness again in the Police Academy movies.
Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach Crap... the Police Academy movies are gonna suck from now on...
Porky's Meh...
Porky's 2: The Next Day Boring...
Powder A feel good movie about being different, very different. Jeff Goldblum as the with-it positive-influence teacher.
Power Puff Girls: The Movie If you like the show, you will enjoy the movie's upped animation. If not, don't watch it.
Practical Magic Two hot witches.
Prancer This movie's dumb, the little girl needs a punch.
Prestige, The Bale and Jackman are friggin' amazing in this movie. Anyone ever fascinated by magic or magicians, this is a must-see. The supporting cast is just stellar, too. Every time a new character popped up I was like "Holy crap _____________'s in this? Whoa!"
Pretty In Pink Decent 80s movie by John Hughes. Not his best but decent.
Pretty Woman Meh... I guess Julia Roberts is hot in this and she's a prostitute, so that makes things interesting.
Princess Bride, The A fun, charming fantasy tale. INCONCEIVABLE! Love that guy, this movie needed more of him.
Private Parts Consistantly side-splitting. Great story. If you dislike Howard Stern, give it a chance. It may or may not change your view of him. Probably not, but... maybe...
Problem Child When I was a kid, this kid was my hero. Now that I'm 21, I feel he should be shot.
Problem Child 2 The extra half is for the glasses the one red-haired chick wears that makes her even hotter than when she was a bitch in the first one.
Producers, The (2005) Very slow moving but the performances are fun. If you're a fan of musicals, check it out for sure.
Professional, The Natalie Portman is priceless in this movie and Leon is a badass. It's too short! Why do things that happen happen? A feel-good movie, haha.
Proof As a translation of a stage play, it's pretty decent. You can tell what scenes are supposed to be one by the fact that they will be talking and suddenly they will be somewhere else, continuing on exactly as if no time has passed. But, eh... It works well enough. The cast is like-able.
Psycho Decent black and white horror movie. Paved the way for modern horror movies.
Psycho (remake) An okay remake, only check it out if you really liked the original and like comparing and shit...
Pulp Fiction Quintin Tarintino made a fun movie here. Check it out.
Pumpkinhead Terrible horror movie.
Pump Up the Volume Kind of like Radio Free Roscoe on The-N. Christian Slater plays an average teen that does his own secret radio show that everyone loves but in real life he gets shit on, but then he meets a girl and it makes him stop being a dumb ass.
Punch-Drunk Love Really funny and quirky story about love.
Punisher, The Meh... Has some great scenes and some real shit ones... Check it out if you like comic book movies, but don't expect a masterpiece like Spider-Man 2 or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Pursuit of Happyness, The A great father/son movie, a great "fight hard for what you want" movie, just a great movie all around. Will Smith is inspiring as a guy who might not be the best at everything but is willing to work and work hard when it seems the world is against him for what he wants for his son, happyness. A feel-good tear-jerker.