Rachel Papers It's like a car wreck... You know it's bad but you can't help watching. The main guy is like a spaz and this girl that's way out of his league seems to wonder "What would it be like to bang a little twerp for a couple weeks..." Then, the movie takes about twenty minutes and shows exactly what it would be like, in nearly pornographic detail. Another plus I guess is is that it's British and I just like British humor and accents and their arrogance and everything. For me, watchable. For you, not bloody likely.
Rage: Carrie 2, The Basically a modernization of the original that tries to set itself up as a sequal.
Raiders of the Lost Ark Adventure!
Ray A story you don't want to stop watching... Compelling, I think is the word. Jamie Foxx does a magnificent job of bringing Ray Charles life to the screen.
Ready to Rumble This movie's funny but really fucking stupid. Haha... It's got a bunch of WCW wrestlers in it. It's funny.
Reality Bites A great cast and a lovely time capsule into the mid-nineties. Gotta love "Stay."
Ref, The The characters are really compelling, I was surprised how much I started to care about the couple and their son. Great performances, great laughs and very well written.
Reign of Fire This movie rocks. Dragons! Bale! Star Wars re-enactments! It's friggin' great.
Reign Over Me Oh man, this was good. This was really good. On the surface, you think "911 exploitation film." It's so not that movie. It only once or twice briefly mentions 911. Only what is absolutely necessary. Those events are only a cause, the movie wholely deals with the effects, so to speak. This movie has an incredible story to tell about life and love and loss. It sounds so cornball and maybe cliche to say it like that but it's the only way. The writer and director know character. God, that's so important. You really fucking care about these characters from the beginning. I really don't want to say much more except see it. It's a great film.
Reindeer Games I think this movie's great. Better than Ocean's Eleven, booyaa. I said it.
Rent RENT! You gotta see this movie twice, the first time feels like an eternity but after that, the songs start creeping back into your head. I HAD to watch it again, just to hear the songs again. So good.
Repo Man Meh... All this talk of aliens and no aliens. Estevez is great.
Requiem for a Dream Intense. Nuff said.
Rescue Dawn Man, am I harshly scoring a Bale movie? Damn... Bale is really all this movie has going for it though. Steve Zahn is great but a bit under-utilized. After it's all said and done, it leaves you thinking... "What was the point of that?" It doesn't really say anything but maybe "Don't give up and if lucks with you you'll make it by the skin of your teeth while sacrificing those around you..."
Rescuers, The Solid Disney movie.
Rescuers Down Under, The Solid Disney movie.
Reservoir Dogs This movie is dumb, a huge disappointment as I saw Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill Vol. 1 beforehand.
Resident Evil Decent zombie/video game movie.
Resident Evil 2 Crappy.
Returner Stylish Japanese Matrix-inspired movie about time travel and stuff. Also, mechs.
Return to Oz This is the shit! Better than the original Oz... way better. The characters rock. "I am a robot, I don't feel silly things like happiness and fear." Tik Tok is a badass. I thought halfway through the movie "This shit is more believable than any of the Star Wars prequels." The special effects are old school Wil Vinton does like a half hours worth of stop-motion for this movie. It effing rocks. So under-rated, I'd say. I didn't even know about it until it was briefly mentioned in a special on the original movie I accidently watched one night. Check it out if you never have, it's worth it. More people need to see this movie.
Reuben, Reuben Older movie about this guy who thinks he is the shit but then realizes he is just himself and then he's all, I don't want to commit suicide anymore! But, then his dog knocks the stool out from under him. Kind of a strange ending...
Ring, The Great horror movie. Suspencful and a real journey. Fun and scary.
Ring Two, The Dumb as hell. Takes a dump on all that was good about the first one. There is a scene were deer attack a truck. Like twelve deer. Stupid shit, man...
Ringu That score is "probable." I only made it through the first 40 minutes... The Ring is nearly an exact replica from the stuff I watched. I sort of wish I'd have seen this version first so it would have all been fresh. So, if you've seen the American remake... The original won't have too much more to offer, except hot Asians... Sometimes that's enough...
Risky Business Solid coming of age teen movie that's less on the comedy and more on the drama.
Road Trip Funny "road trip" movie. I like how Ax from Animorphs, the short-lived Nickolodeon tv show that sucked huge amounts of balls compared to the books, is in it.
Robin Hood: Prince of Theives Too long! And Kevin Costner sucks. All the characters suck now that I think about it... Dang...
RoboCop Hah, this movie is way better than my preconcieved notions led me to believe. I think I had scenes from the TV broadcast of the third movie in my head all along. Man, I'm pissed about that cause this movie was bad ass. The stop motion was kick ass. The story, great. 80s style. Great fucking action movie.
RoboCop 2 This movie takes the special effects up a notch. The little kid drug dealer is kinda rad. Apparently written by Frank Miller although I've heard it differs greatly from what he originally envisioned. Probably something better than the first but what we ended up with was a movie that was not as good as the first. Oh well. Worth watching, I guess.
Robots Decent CGI cartoon...
Rocky Flat out inspiring and iconic. A great American story.
Romancing the Stone Great romantic adventure comedy.
Romeo + Juliet Modernization or bastardization? You be the judge!
Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion Funny movie about dealing with your past and accepting yourself. Quirky sense of humor.
Role Models Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott in another great Apatow crew production. See it for the great portrayal of LARPers, at least. Lots of laughs. KISS fans, this movie brings it to you.
Rookie of the Year Haha... This movie would be even better if I gave a shit about baseball, but it's still great. "Funky buttlovin'!"
Rounders This movie is friggin' good. Probably not quite good enough to own, but good enough to watch on TV whenever it's on. Card playing, and poker in particular, fascinates me and this movie kind of takes you behind the scenes. The characters are all like-able and the cast is decent. Deal me in! (haha, that was gay...)
Royal Tenenbaums, The An okay movie about a guy and his family. Large famous cast, but doesn't feel cohesive...
Rudy The Goonies kid plays a football underdog. Meh...
Rugrats Movie, The I liked it a lot more when I liked Rugrats...
Rules of Attraction, The I really loved how this movie played with time and events. The cast was great and the stories were involving. Great movie. Interestingly, Sean Bateman, James vander Beek's character, is the brother of Patrick Bateman, the American Psycho! Remember when he's on the phone and he's like "Is this Patrick?" Stuff like that gives me a hard-on, little connections and stuff. Makes stories richer is what it does.
Runaway Bride Pretty Woman 2, basically.
Runaway Jury John Cusack.
Run Lola Run This is a fun movie. The main chick is nice to look at, there's an honest love story at the center of it and the story is told in three (or is it four?) sort of... "rewinds." Really different than anything I've ever seen. Just really fun!
Rush Hour Solid comedy/buddy cop movie.
Rush Hour 2 Great sequal. Better than the first.
Rushmore I wish I'd seen this movie in high school. It would have changed my life... Damn, it's great. It officially made me a fan of Jason Schwartzman and Wes Anderson, even though I'd seen all their other movies previous to seeing this. The only negative thing I can say is that the ending kind of rambles. There were many times I thought "This would be the perfect ending," yet it kept on going.