Ultimate Avengers: The Movie A terrific comic book movie! Never a huge Avengers fan but this movie was really fun. Being animated, it can bring you much deeper into the comics realm than most of the live action flicks being made today and it stays a lot truer to the comic.
Ultimate Avengers 2 A great animated sequal. Why can't they manage live action like this. It's sweet.
Unbreakable A different take on the super hero movie. Very enjoyable. Willis and Windu are terrific.
Uncle Buck John Candy rocks in this movie. The story is funny and heartwarming, a great follow-up to Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
Undertaker and His Pals, The 70s horror flick. Not really horror, more like murder. Kinda funny actually.
Underworld Interesting premise but the execution is lame. Plus, the wolf/vampire hybrid at the end SUCKS balls. I was expecting like the fourth version of a video game end boss, all beefy and killer but it was just... Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler rocks and all but... The whole movie leads up to it and you spend the whole thing wondering what the hybrid will look like and it just sucks.
Underworld Evolution I'm scoring this just a notch higher than the original because that's all they did... Stepped everything up one single notch. The plot is slightly easier to follow, the action is slightly better, the tint is slightly bluer and the progression is only slightly more predictable. Overall, slightly a better movie, but still not worth watching unless you like senseless violence. But, who doesn't?
U.S. Marshals Bad bad sequel. It's shit brown.