Valkyrie A look at a side of World War II you don't see in movies very often, the German's who were opposed to Hitler.
Van Helsing Meh... They should have just made it Castlevania the movie and the lack of plot would have been okay. Just change the monsters to make them a bit more like they are in the games and then, bam, instant success. This movie is just lame.
Vanilla Sky I seriously fell in love with this movie the first time I saw it. Lucid dreaming has always been a passive interest of mine and this movie plays out just as it is intended, the perfect dream. The imagery, the visuals and the cast are phenomenal. Even Cameron Diaz can't put a dent in its score. Penelope Cruz cancels her out and then some. The soundtrack is amazing as well.
Vanishing, The This movie is pretty cool. It's a lot like Breakdown with Kurt Russell but it takes place over like four years and not just one or two days. It's one of those movies that takes you on a journey. High suspence.
Varsity Blues Nostalgia, again, of my early high school years. I was a big fan of Dawson's Creek and there's also the stripping scene.
V for Vendetta Decent story. Natalie Portman is a plus in any movie. The love story seems a little forced. Also, Evey never seems to be fleshed out as a round character. She's always just this girl caught up in everything with seemingly no opinion as to what's going on. You never really understand where her head is at. And, V at the end going all Matrix... Retarded. I'm hard on it but it's still pretty good. Lots of great moments. I'm gonna try and make that egg thing work in my toast. Wish me luck.
Village of the Damned (1995) I really like the core story, but parts of it just don't work. Reworked, recast etc, this fucker could be a really good flick. As it is, it's not too bad. Lots of nice messages.
Virgin Suicides, The I honestly can't remember too much of this movie for some reason... I'll have to rent it again.
Vulgar Strange as hell. If you're a Kevin Smith fan, check it out. He didn't write or direct this one but Dante is the main actor. Funny at parts and just mega-dark at others. Messed up.