X-Men Decent super hero movie. Not as colorful as I'd like, but still a great ride the first few times.
X2: X-Men United Better than the first, but where are all the cool villians? Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, Juggernaut, Sauron... Also, the whole leather jacket style outfits suck balls. When they started infiltrating that actual comics world, see Morrison's run on New X-Men, I was pissed. Heroes wear costumes, Spider-Man got it right. Spider-Man's movie costume is damn near perfect and it doesn't look dumb. Come on Hollywood, why do you suck so much? Anyhow, the Colossus cameo is a good example of what this movie needs more of, a shit load more. Enough of the equality lecture, I wanna see mutant vs. super powered mutant in landscape shredding combat, dammit! Phoenix was cool. Nightcrawler was a welcome change, but they pussified him and gave him hobo clothes... Still, a great ride the first few times...
X3: The Last Stand There have been some gains and losses between the first two movies and this one. The action JACKED up and the color of and number of mutants has gone up considerably, too. Juggernaut, Beast, Angel, Kitty Pryde, Multiple Man, the head and foggy body of a Sentinal-illusion... These all rock. But, the dang thing is so short that we hardly get to know any of the new additions and a lot of what these people are fighting for gets lost in all the drama. Had it been twenty or thirty minutes longer, the characters could have been rounder, adding more closure and it truly would feel like a great end to the franchise. At this point, I'm really hungering for more so an X4 had better be down the line.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine I still wanna see that damn yellow suit brought to the screen somehow. All the classic costumes, dammit! A pretty cool adaptation of the Wolverine origin story. Looking forward to a sequal. Continues the tradition of throwing away sweet characters: Gambit. He throws cards two times... What the fuck?