Kris 'Muagh... should I be a wad or should I not be a wad....' Keller


Kris Keller is like a brother to me. But he's pretty faggoty some times... Like when he ditched me and Nate Arnold when we were gonna play Warcraft III to go out with his girlfriend...

Brandon 'Meiger's no more' Kovatch


Brandon Kovatch is a pretty cool guy. We both love to pull jokes on people and he got me into Christian music. Sucker stole my dream job at Ch.6 from me though... Brandong. It's all good.

Kara 'Dropping Trig' Bachellor


Kara Bachellor is a really intense girl. We both have similar senses of humor. It's like, I was at the Cashew Convetion the other day... Oh yeah, Steve? How was it? Yeah.... it was nuts. LOL LOL

Ron 'Meigers still' Bauer, but still better than me cause I'm poor and jobless.....


Ron Bauer is a cool guy. He is a wizard at all types of computer games and is a fair dungen master, he's got hit points and charisma to lend.

Sean 'Master of the Universe' Farquar


Sean Farquar is an original. He is the most unique guy I know. Every word he spews forth sends me into fits of laughter... plus he's not an jerk so that's a plus.

Milo Estuanz... your ring of chameleon serves you well....


Tim Allen is a good guy. Funny as all hell broke loose and a great gamer too. Plus, he may be the only person in the world who knows more Ghostbusters trivia than me.

Ben 'Everyone hates me' Kraft, we all don't hate ya Ben, just some of us....


Ben Kraft, while sometimes a little too intense, is a really good friend and fellow film maker. Just don't get him started on his urine soaked Transformers comic...

COMINAYEAHHAAAA!!!Women beware, Steve Hohmann is on the prowl!

My Best Bud

My best bud is my Aerostar. He gets me through the good times and the bad and costs me a fortune to keep running but... hey, the girls dig it. (no they don't)

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