Shattered Reality

10 Saving Son 2

     "Who is Jenubi?" Trunks asked impatiantly. His friend's life was on the line that was getting thiner by the second.
     "A monster in the deepest parts of these ruins. More than a monster, a savage beast." Tear replied to the simple question.
     "Why do you feed him my friends?!" barked Trunks getting aggrivated.
     "My people must make sacrifises to him to keep him satisfied. If we didn't he would come out of his slumber and release his eternal rage on this world."
     "Has anyone ever tried to fight him?" asked Chibi Trunks.
     "Yes, many have tried... and failed. If you wish to rescue your friend you must do it now, the beast will be awakening soon to partake."
     "Partake? You mean eat him...?" Chibi Trunks again.
     "Well, yes. You must hurry though, the time of his awakening is soon!"
     "Ok then, Shade, Trunks; you coming with me?" asked Trunks.
     "Of course." Shade and Chibi Trunks said instantly.
     "Good, we'll be going now... Tear. How do we get to Jenubi?"
     "In the center door of the three main ones. Its blocked by an enchantment..." she said. She closed her eyes and let out a wild roar. "Ok, it'll be open now."
     Trunks looked around the room. He had no idea what he was rushing into. But Goten was very important to them. So important that whatever the risk was they would save him. Goku would give his life for his son but at the moment Goku was right alongside his son on the list of people to save.
     "Alright then, we're off." Trunks said, heading for the door. Chibi Trunks and Shade followed.
     "DO NOT fight Jenubi! He is reveared as a god! You will loose your life!" yelled Tear just as they left. It was the last thing they heard out of her. She continued rambling off warnings for some time but they were out of ear shot
     Just as Tear said the middle entrance was now accessable and they marched on through in silence. In this door was a long, downsloping corridor lined with torches on the walls. As they neared the far door in the hall they could hear a rumbling. A rumbling they could only assume was that of Jenubi's stomach, growing hungry after so long without a meal.
     After about ten minutes of walking down the hall they came to the door, the door to Jenubi's resting place. Pushing it open, Trunks felt a great warmth and with good reason. Jenubi's home was an enormous bed of lava, surrounded only by several small islands. The one they walked onto had nothing on it but a torch. In the far distance though, they saw the captive. Goten was lying on a small island, onconscious.
     "Where is he?" whispered Chibi Trunks in wonderment.
     "Sleeping in the river..." informed Shade.
     "No, Goten, where is Goten?" replied Chibi Trunks, not seeing his friend in the distance.
     "Over there on that rock, see?" said Trunks pointing to Goten.
     "Ok then, what are we waiting for?!"
     "Shh... we dont want Jenubi to wake up prematurely. Then this would be an escape mission instead of a rescue."
     They slowly hovered over the river of lava, over Jenubi, and made it to Goten's rock. As they landed Goten came to and looked up at the three of them. A little flustered he said: "I think I'm seeing triple..."
     "What!" said Shade almost yelping.
     "Oh! It's you guys, I thought it was that guy again."
     "What guy?" asked Trunks.
     "The guy who is a tiger but then is a man. He hit me hard. If he hadnt surprised me I wouldv'e killed him ofcourse..." replied Goten, still a little dazed.
     "Ofcourse." mocked Chibi Trunks.
     "Shut up, man!"
     "Shhh! Quiet!" half yelled, half whispered Shade. But it was too late.
     Jenubi had awoke. From the molten bed he slept in he rose. Slowly they saw his mammoth body appear from the river. The lava rushed off his body like slime. He stretched his four arms out far and cracked his back. Getting to business quickly he looked at the four of them, standing there scared out of thier wits. Who wouldnt be? Jenubi towered over them like an apartment building, its' huge muscles bulging and almost vibrating the whole room with his breathing.
     "...sorry..." whispered Goten.
     They were all in very big trouble.