Shattered Reality

3 What the FUCK is Going On? (or) What the HFIL is Going On?

     As Trunks opened his eyes yet again, his vision blurred. He was in pain. Extreame pain, the worst pain of his life maybe... The blood pouring from his forehead made everything he saw take on a red tint, that is if they were close enough for him to see anyways. It limited his range of sight to about five feet. Thinking of getting up he tried lifting himself up off his arm... bad idea. The weight of his body cracked the wrist bone of his right, dominent hand.
     He let out a brief cry and fell hard to his chest again, blood and sweat flying off his head to the metallic floor.
     Deciding moving was a bad idea he tried viewing his surroundings. It was hard through the blood but he managed to see that he was in a cell. Like a prison but more advanced than he'd ever seen. The walls were a metallic silver, all the same but one. The wall his head was facing had a large opening with wire mesh blocking the opening fully. As far as he could see, it was tough, possibly electrified. He might be able to blast through it but the damage they did to his body held him back.
     The senzu! he thought. Where did I put the bean Gohan gave me? He had to remember, feeling around his body was not an option. Pocket... my pocket... yeah, thats where it is... if only I could reach it... He slowly reached down to his jacket pocket, pain shooting to all corners of his body. Into his hands went the blessed bean. Pulling it out as fast as his body would allow he tossed it into his mouth and swallowed it whole. Chewing hurt too much at this point.
     It took about fifteen minutes for the senzu to take full effect but when it did Trunks was immediatly to his feet. Slowly whiping the his blood soaked face he looked once more at the wire mesh door. Instinctively he reached for his sword to slice through it. Too his sad realisation, it was still gone.
     "SHIT!" he yelled. A Saiyen ran to the door when he heard this. "What are you doing up and about?! I thought Lesh took care of you..." the quard said quickly.
     "What do you want from me... us?"
     "We want your dimension."
     "Lord Vegeta will explain it all to you in time, fool."
     "I am Vegeta's Son!!!"
     "In a way... yes. But even if you were our Vegeta's son, we'd still kill you."
     "EXPLAIN THIS ALL TO ME NOW!!!" Trunks commanded.
     "Can't do that I'm afraid, unless I want to disobey the Lord's orders..."
     "Fine, I'll bust my way out, and when I do, I'm going to kill you!"
     "I'd like to see you try... even if you do, there are fourty other officers on this floor just waiting to kill you... thats just this floor alone."
     "Sit down and shut up... realise how hopeless your situation is."
     "I'm sorry, I cant do that!" Trunks yelled as he flaired into Super Saiyen. His hands moved quickly and precise as he prepped his Burning Attack.
     The blast melted the wire like butter and also caught the guard completly off guard. "AHHHH!" he yelled as the shoulder of his armor busted off.
     Jumping out of the cell, Trunks' fury radiated. It didn't last long though, the guard uppercutted him into the ceiling, deeply denting it. He fell to the floor on his hands and knees. The guard's foot flew above his head then came smashing down on his, causing Trunks to collapse to the ground entirely. "Wheres your spunk now, turd?"
     He had all but given up until he thought of the others. Gohan, Goten, Chibi Trunks, Piccolo and Goku. He didnt know about his father... they seemed to all be following him. He had no idea what was going on but he needed to save the others for they had not the precious senzu to heal them. He HAD to rescue them or they would all surely die.
     He reached for the Saiyen's foot and tripped him onto his back. Concentrating on balance he lifted himself onto his hands and sprang off them and into the air. Just as fast as he flew up he came flying down, feet first onto the guard. As he collided with the Saiyen's chest, he heard the distinct sound of his ribs breaking. Wheezing the Saiyen said " were totally whiped out by Lesh... how did you... regain your strength... and become so strong..?"
     "I'm magic... and dont you remember after every defeat a Saiyen gets stronger?"
     "... I've been really getting my ass kicked lately...." he mentioned as the last ounce of life was squeezed from the guard's chest. Leaping off the Saiyen he started his search to find the others.