Shattered Reality

8 Out of the Wreakage

     This was the third time Trunks woke up in a bloody mess. His surrounding now was even more unfamiliar than the last. He was still sitting in the cockpit, his head had slamed into the windshield giving him an insane headache. Pieces of glass pierced his hands that were still clutching the controls. His feet were clamped below his seat under shrapnal. Pain was no stranger to him. But now, nore was the stranger.
     The man was the only one he could see from the original "crew".
     "You mobile?" he said, standing outside the ship without a scratch to be seen.
     "Break me outta here and we'll find out..."
     The man did so. Concentrating a weak ki ray at the ship encaging Trunks, it dissolved before his eyes. Now free from the metal wreakage, Trunks stretched his arms and legs. "Ahhhh! Damn that feels good... have I been unconscious long?" he asked.
     "Three hours, I managed to find another while you were out. He told me his name is also Trunks..." he paused. "That will highly complicate things."
     "We get used to having two of us around..." Trunks mentioned.
     "..." the man looked at Trunks. "He is sleeping about a mile away in a small cave. If you feel up to it we will now walk there."
     "I'm able to walk... I dont know about running but I can walk."
     "Good, lets go."
     "What is it?"
     "How do I know I can trust you! I dont even know your name... man."
     "Your going to have to trust me if you feel like surviving this world."
     "I guess your right... "
     "By the way, the names Shade..." With that they started the journey to the cave. Trunks was in major pain and his only company was a man that had brutally beaten him the day before. How long had he been rotting in that cell? Maybe he'd been away more than a day... a week? a month? There was no way to be sure right now.
     As they walked something occured very suddenly to Trunks. "Wait!" he yelled. It had come to him as a jolt. He couldn't believe he hadn't thought of it sooner.
     "Where is my sword!?" Trunks yelled.
     "Oh...'ll get it back... "
     "Soon... when we get everyone together and safe I will explain everything. Our main priority right now is to find everyone."
     "Fine, I guess I cant fight it..." he quited down about it once hearing that Shade's motivation was to find the others. The sword wasn't important as them. That issue could wait. For now, he was alone, in the woods, with a stranger.