Shattered Reality

9 The Cave

     About a half hour of walking later, they stumbled upon the cave Shade talked about. The entrance was almost like a door. Two pillars stood on both sides. Both quite run down but Trunks thought they resembled a woman on the left and a tiger on the right.
     "Where's Trunks?" Trunks asked.
     "Just inside. I told him not to move."
     They entered the cave and Shade illuminated the room with his ki.
     "Trunks!" Runks... unks...
     "Trunks!" Runks... unks... Trunks' voice echoed.
     "He's not here!" Shade said.
     "No kidding..."
     "I left him right here just a short while ago... dammit!"
     "Look!" Trunks exclaimed as he noticed something written in the dirt.
     "'Went exploring!' Where?"
     The arrow pointed to a small rock protruding out from the wall.
     "Push that." Shade said.
     Trunks did. The ground shook and in place of the rock that was just pushed came a door.
     "Holy shit man!" Trunks said as the dust cleared. "He wants us to find him in this maze?" He looked onto another room with three more doors.
     "I will find him on my own." Shade said.
     "NO... no, no. I'm coming."
     They looked at each other and nodded. Into the room they proceeded in search of little Trunks.
     "What door?" Trunks said, again looking on to the doors.
     "We should split up..."
     "I dont know if I can..."
     "Here," Shade said, handing Trunks a tablet. "Its a synthetic senzu."
     "Why didnt you give me this earlier?!" Trunks yelled.
     "I was planning on having us sleep here... you wouldnt have need one after a good rest. But there will be danger down here..."
     "Fine," Trunks said, chewing the tablet. Eating it was like heaven. His whole body filled with an energy that seemed long gone to Trunks. "Alright!"
     "Feel better?"
     The middle door, they found out, was blocked so Trunks went down the right and Shade the left.
     Trunks watched Shade walk in the left door and he then went into the right. Inside this door was a large statue of a tiger. Much like the one outside of the cave Trunks had seen earlier.
     "Thats odd." He said. He walked to the statue and pressed a small switch.
     Just as fast as he pressed it, three small doors opened. Out of each door came a tiger. The two on the left and right were buffer than the middle one but the middle one had an elaborate looking scarf and earrings.
     "What are you here for!?" yelled the middle tiger. Trunks jumped back at the sight of a talking tiger. "Are you afraid!?" it yelled.
     "No," Trunks said as he went Super Saiyan 2. The tiger became more violent with every word.
     "Another Saiyan!?" the tiger gasped extreamly surprised. "Do you wish to fight us!?"
     "If I must to get my friend back..."
     "Ahh.... your here for the young Saiyan... HAHA! My what a feast he will make!"
     "Oh! You do wish to fight. Stay back Trokul, Topula." addressing the other two. "I will take this one on myself!"
     "But Tearesk?" the one on the right said.
     "Its fine, cant you see this boy is the filth of even the Saiyans."
     "I'm no filth! Lets go!" yelled Trunks enfuriated.
     And so the fight began. Immediatly Tearesk lept at Trunks. Dodging this attempt with ease, Trunks kicked the beast in it's exposed chest. The tiger flew across the room to the far wall. A little shaken by the power of Trunks' counter, it got up.
     "You will be a small challenge, it seems stranger."
     "Ha!" laughed Trunks. But his laugh soon turned into a cry as he looked on to his animal. But it wasnt an animal anymore. It was changing. Changing into a woman. Its fangs intruded into its mouth making small teeth. The strong paws melted and became small hands. The whole body shrank, the perfect curves of a beauty formed now. Her face was now totally human, along with the rest of her. Trunks drooled. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.
     This woman made Trunks weak in the knees, made his blood run cold. She was beautiful. The scarf that the tiger wore now laid on her as a skin tight skirt and blouse.
     "I take it I'm more than you expected, you dirty Saiyan?"
     It was too late. This woman got back into the fight in full force. She lept at him again but way to quick for Trunks to dodge this time. Her feet came plummeting straight into his chest. The wind was completly blown out of him.
     "I've been training since last time you putrid slime bucket!"
     She did a backflip off his chest and and landed infront of him. Leaning over, she grabbed him by the neck and lifted him ten feet in the air. She didnt care why he was there. All she knew was he was a Saiyan. What Trunks didnt realize was that she would kill him. The grip she had on his neck tightened, her fingernails imbedded his flesh.
     "...sto..p..." Trunks gasped.
     "Mercy?! HA! You showed none of that sort when you killed my brother! Why should I give you mercy... you are kinda cute... NO!"
     She viciously slammed her knee into his groin.
     "AAAUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!" His pain echoed thoughout the caves.
     "Yes! Victory!" Tearesk yelled, dropping him to the ground.
     "Stop!" yelled Chibi Trunks as he ran into the room. "MASENKOU!!!" he blasted the woman directly. Plumeting into the statue, she fell to the ground and reverted to tiger form. The other tigers jumped up to protect their friend. Trunks got to his feet and wiped the blood from his neck.
     Behind Chibi Trunks came Shade, looking confused.
     "SHADE!" yelled Tearesk.
     "Stop this senceless battling! He is on our side Tear!"
     "But he is a Saiyan!"
     " am I, if you'll remember..."
     "Everyone, back off. We need to sort this out now. Shade?" said Tear.
     "Not now... his friends are alone out there. Lets get back to the base and see if they showed up."
     "Right." said Trunks, getting back to business.
     "Come with us Tear, you could be of some help with what I'm planning."
     "Alright, I've been meaning to pay you guys a visit anyway..."
     "I dont know whats going on, but I just wanna find Goten." Chibi Trunks said, showing worry over his friend.
     "Who are you anyway?" said Tear.
     "Wait, if you dont know who he is, then who is the other child Saiyan you spoke of? The one that would make a great feast!?" yelled Trunks.
     "Its too late... we... we sent him to... Jenubi."