Old Updates


Babel and Disturbia reviewed. Expect smaller, more frequent movie list updates in the future.


5 new movie reviews.


The first official “Nostalgia Vlog.” Check it out. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. Expect a full section devoted to these soon.




HEAR IT!” implemented to the writing section. Hear me read some of my writing.


Welcome to my YouTube viewers, thanks for checking out the site.
Everything's pretty self-explanatory. Any comments or anything, leave a message in the guestbook!


New movies reviewed in which it becomes apparent how big a cry-baby I am. Also an overdue bookshelf update.


Three months worth of movies (and I had me a Netflix J ) added to the Movie List plus nearly a year of manga reviewed in the Manga Log.


First update in three months! I’m on the ball! New movies and a long over due bookshelf update.


Holy crap, more movies... Some really friggin' good ones in this batch. A 6 and a 7! Whoa!


Buncha new movies.


New movies added! Bookshelf, too! Whoa!


New movies added, a 7! Bookshelf updated, as well.


Tons of new movies added, a new manga log, a new drawing, my bookshelf is updated and I cleaned the site up a bit. About two months worth of stuff, I'd say. Enjoy.


New movies reviews.


New color scheme and banner! Yay! A new short story in My Writing. Some new movie reviews in the Movie List and an update to My Bookshelf. Wow, substantial, isn't it?


Couple new drawings.


Several new movies listings. Bookshelf updated and one new drawing with a few more in the same vein to come. Plus, a new short story that's actually a month old.


5 new movie listings.


6 new movie listings. A couple Academy Award worthy, good stuff.


Happy New Year... 3 new movie reviews and 2 re-reviews. My Bookshelf and Links updated as well.


Five new movie listings!


Ironically, this is more of an anti-update... I'm taking down the chapters of The Mausoleum for the time being. Having read Stephen King's On Writing, I'm going to follow his advice and not let anyone read it until the first draft if complete. Plus, I don't think this will break anyone's heart, seeing as how Mike Dionne was probably my only reader (though, I honestly did appreciate the honesty and enthusiasm and I'm pretty sure you've read On Writing so I shouldn't need to explain). I have a newfound fervor though and I hope to finish the book in a few months.


Chapter 7 of The Mausoleum is up! Go check that shit out, this is where it gets interesting. Also, new banner and new guestbook buds, Piccolo and Gohan.


New section! Manga log! If you read my First Impressions of New Manga article, you can expect more of the same. Basically reviews of the manga I'm currently reading. Minor updates to the Links and Bookshelf sections as well. Have a happy happy.


The Movie List section has been updated with 16 new entries. They've been entered in their alphabetical places but I've also placed all 16 into a new NEW! page, located in the navagation bar of the Movie List page for those who have perhaps read the rest of the list and just want to read the new ones. Also, I've got a new article on The Legacy of Stephen King's IT. It's one of my favorite books and I tell you why. Lastly, on a relatively un-exciting note, I've updated My Bookshelf to it's current state. Enjoy and sign the guestbook with any comments on the new article and my new reviews.


The new Movie List section is finally done! It's basically an index of every movie I've ever seen and my brief thoughts on them all. Check it out and look it over if you're feeling bored. Feel free to email or guest book criticism of my criticisms. Added a link to the official Magic the Gathering website, because I'm a nerd... Added my new manga to My Bookshelf, too.


New piece of writing, my First Impressions of New Manga. Early-mini-reviews of Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto and One Piece. Also, new links! A fucking HILARIOUS Degrassi love site and a friends personal site.


New Flash animation, Z Fighters. Check the Animation page for the link.


Put up a new section, My Drawings, added a new piece of writing, my terrible Dragonball Z fanfic I wrote in high school, there are a few new items on my bookshelf and I added a link to a bio-site I made for Web Publishing in 2003. Check em out for a laugh on my behalf.


Chapter 6 of the Mausoleum is up for your reading pleasure, chapter heading - "The Mausoleum." The plot thickens...


Updated My Bookshelf with images.


The first chapter of my "epic" Trunks' Big Adventure has been uploaded. I've just begun work on part 3, about 4 years after I finished part 2. Haha, better late than never. Episode 2 will be up once I upgrade my Tripod account. Also, I've added a Guestbook. Please take a few minutes and sign it with your thoughts on any content you find on this site. Critiques very welcome.


New film uploaded, Demolishor. New writings, my take on Dragonball and a piece of fiction Check that out. Also, added links to my old, broke-ass websites here.


Several items added to My Bookshelf.


Updated the Animation section with pics for each one and uploaded two new films, Freeza's Fury and Cells.


Updated several more pieces of writing and updated the status of Mausoleum, making minor edits to the existing three chapters and adding the other two.

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