My Writing


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The Mausoleum Started this at the beginning of summer '04. After a year of neglect, I've started it back up and am nearly half done. As soon as it is finished, it'll be here for your reading enjoyment as well as criticism.
Papa Crenshaw Eats Some Strong Cake Started out as an assignment: Write of an airport mugging from the P.O.V. of the person getting mugged. After a short time, that got really boring to me so the story took a bit of a turn...
Shattered Reality This was, at one time in my life, my most proud piece of writing. It was sophomore year and my love of Dragonball Z was at an all time high.
A Man Who Found a Cave Full of Happiness HEAR IT! The song Hurt, covered by Johnny Cash inspired when writing this.
SSDD HEAR IT! This was written for a Creative Writing class I took my sophomore year at SC4. To me, it's about finding hope when things are... shitty.
The Assault on Pridia Also written for the afformentioned class, this one went through several different drafts. The earlier ones were a bit lighter than the final.
Finally Free I seriously hated working at Super K-Mart. The months I worked there were some of the most depressing times of my life.
Making a Change HEAR IT! This was originally a monologue for sketch class but I think it works just as well for a nice piece of fiction. I guess you could say it's my version of "A Modest Proposal."


The Legacy of Stephen King's IT I read it during the summer before high school and it remains to this day my favorite work of fiction ever. The movie wasn't that bad, either.
First Impressions of New Manga I've gotten into manga very recently. Here's what I think about what I've read so far.
The Legacy of Dragonball The story of how I found this awesome anime, lost it then found it again.
The Legacy of Final Fantasy VII Wrote this two years ago when I thought Advent Children was coming out in a year. Two years later it's still not out. Lame.
Why Shakespeare is so Great. Written for an Oral Interpretation class as a "busy work/punishment" essay, I let everyone know who is wondering...
The Journey Has Ended Basically my final thoughts on Stephen King's magnum opus, The Dark Tower. Magnum opus means greatest achievement, right? If not, that's what I meant.
"Halloween's Coming" Written as an exercise in literary critisicm, the assignment was to watch the Super Bowl and analyse one of the commercials but I don't subscribe to such nonsense.
The Hollow Men Again - An in-depth analysis of the poem "The Hollow Men," by T.S. Eliot, with a comparison to the song "Hollow Again," by Project 86 at the end.


Hesitating in the Gutter I was walking to the parking lot after class one day and I found a twenty dollar bill. After running around like an idiot trying to find the lost and found, and coming up with no competant answers from any staff or student alike, I kept the damn thing. Hells yeah, then I wrote this poem.
Tainted Panacea Another fucked up piece inspired by my time at Super K. Every day, I'd see all the fucking retart, sour, pathetic, ignorent, one-track-mind-on-the-beer, "where's-the-good-deals?! I'm poor as fuck!" customers and they just pissed me off. So much so that I actually wrote some of this angry poetry down on a napkin on break before I got pissed off for forgetting cool rhymes.
Sad Song This is my crappy cliche love poem with lines ripped off from all the songs I was listening to at the time the events that inspired it took place.
Summer Ordeal Wrote this poem as a Senior in high school about the summer after Junior year. I look back on that summer with very fond memories and perhaps a few bitter regrets.
Epic My half-ass attempt at epic poetry. Also, a rip-off of Beowulf.
New Dream It's about waking up from a dream and being pissed off about it.