Introduction to Psychology

Mr. Meno

This class is really fun and interesting and Mr. Meno is a cool guy. He's like a combo of Robin Williams and Mark McKinny, of "Kids in the Hall".

Plane Trigonometry

Ms. Heiden

Trig is pathetically easy, I've almost aced the entire semester. But, it's almost over so... good times. I sometimes just read DnD manuals and talk to Ferret.

English Compostion 102

Mr. Johnson

I seriously love this class. It's the best english class I've ever taken, if not class: period. We just have three hour long discussions every week and talk about literature. It's really fun and interesting.

Internet Development

Mrs. Pepin

If not for this class, you wouldn't be reading this page at all! It's really fun to make pages and stuff. Can't wait to start learning stuff I don't know! LOL

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