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Sad Songs

Keep going
I can't stand this
You there, across the room
Me here, with you
Always with you
Always with me
Your gaze blocks everything
Careless caress, filling me
I can't stand this
Do you delight in torturing me, spirit? 1
Is any of this real?
Don't stop
Keep returning
If this is a crush
I don't think I could take the real thing 2
I'm dreaming of you tonight 3
Tomorrow this vision lingers
She leads me through moonlight,
only to burn me with the sun 4
Just the fool
I long to see the sunlight in your hair
And tell you how much I care 5
This young old man dreams
In sleep, the dream becomes real
In sleep, the nightmare disappears
For a little while
Stronger the next morning than ever
Regret that dreams didn't come true amplifies
By my heart I dare not say
I dare not confess
Perchance I shatter this glass tower
I have built for us
Perchance I shatter everything
And there's no redemption
A fool forever
Shot blown
Life lost
Love left
Here I am, across the stage
Glimpsing your forever beauty
Saving, cataloging, hoping, preparing
Again you force a freanzy upon me
With your empty words
With your cruel grip
Ever tighter
Ever lighter
Passing casually, as if
As if to say nothing
Another night of missing you
And it won't be the last 6
Do you love him as you tell?
Do you love me as you say?
Release me from this perfect Hell
Could you love me as I pray?
Is this epic I'm constructing a farce?
Is my world's epiphany in vain?
The light, the heat
In you eyes
Of all the fruitless searches 7
Do I hold the apple in hand?
To bite, or not to bite
What would your answer be
If I asked...
Should I, could I, dare I
To reach out from the inside?
Would my hand pass through?
Your voice, like daggers of ice
Your voice, like salvation from madness
Memories linger on
It's like a sweet, sad old song 8
Out of confusion you clash the drum
And for a while it seems quite clear
We were meant to be
What hope can there be?
If you could only see
how blue
her eyes
can be
when she says
When she says she loves me. 9

1 - A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
2 - Chasing Amy - Kevin Smith
3 - Selena - Dreaming
4 - She's Like the Wind - Patrick Swayze
5 - Hello - Lionel Richie
6 - It Won't Be the Last - Billy Ray Cyrus
7 - In Your Eyes - Peter Gabrial
8 - Can We Still Be Friends - Todd Rundgren
9 - If You Could Only See - Tonic
Note - The words "anguish, anger, driven, derided" are an allusion to Araby by James Joyce.

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